24 Hour Inspire… inspires!

Professor Tony Ryan delivering the closing lecture

Pro Vice Chancellor Tony Ryan gave the first and last lecture, accompanied by pvc Richard Jones and Professor Helen Storey respectively.

The University was united as members of staff from different faculties came together to remember one of our own, Tim Richardson and support the charity he set up- Inspiration for Life.

The charity has two main objectives, both close to Tim’s heart.

As an inspiring lecturer in  Physics, Tim was aware that the public have little access to the world of science and that his style of demonstration and humour filled lectures could spread the word to a receptive new audience. Inspiration for Life would aim to use Tim’s methods to take science to people who wouldn’t otherwise find it accessible.

Then, as a sufferer of cancer, Tim wanted to contribute to cancer research  and to help improve the lives of other victims and their families.

Ed Daw plays blues piano...in his pyjamas!

Dr Ed Daw from Dept. of Physics plays the blues..in his pyjamas!

24 Hour Inspire did exactly what it said on the tin. For a full 24 hours in the Hicks building, fascinating lecture was followed by fascinating, inspirational lecture. Staff and students filled the lecture theatre and were treated to talks on law, philosophy, poetry, music, human rights, engineering, maths, journalism, medicine, magic and of course science. Some brave souls stayed for the entire event and were kept going by cakes, snacks and drinks, made and served by volunteers. Find out more about Inspiration for Life here.   www.inspirationforlife.co.uk


The Vice chancellor wields a light sabre during his lecture

Vice Chancellor Sir Keith Burnett tells us that the Higgs Boson is…a force!

Volunteers serving a selection of homemade cakes

Volunteers keep the audience fed and watered.