Animal Academy inspires hundreds of schoolchildren

Hundreds of schoolchildren packed into the University of Sheffield’s Octagon auditorium to find out how humans and animals learn.

Animal and Plant Sciences hosts an annual Christmastime Lecture. This year’s event, Animal Academy, was hosted by Dr Nicola Hemmings, who entertained and educated 1,000 pupils from Sheffield¬†schools.

She explained: “The lecture was about learning in animals and humans.¬† Highlights were a clever raven doing the recycling, a raid involving a police sniffer dog tracking down a criminal in the audience, visits from a series of animals, a brain the size that we’d have if we were the size of an elephant, seeing electrical activity inside a boy’s head and seeing the same boy control a computer just with his brain, solving puzzles and seeing various skills that have been learned through intense practice (aerial artists, break dancers, jugglers, musicians).

“After the lectures the children met the raven, took part in a series of exciting science demonstrations, tried break dancing, juggling and hula hooping and much more.”

Animal and Plant Sciences Outreach