Celebrating the work of mentors

The work of the Faculty’s mentors has been recognised and celebrated via a University of Sheffield website.

Each year academics from across the University, including many from the Faculty of Science, offer time to mentor early career research staff as they find their way around life as an academic. 

The Mentoring for Researchers programme runs each year over a six month period and pairs early career researchers with academics from outside their own department. The mentoring is designed to enable staff to take control of their career and talk through their goals, ambitions and the possible routes to achieving them.

Dr Kay Guccione from Research & Innovation Services oversees the programme. She said, “Mentoring is a very powerful way of boosting someone through the early stages of an academic career. It is a really important area of work, expertise and good citizenship and I am always grateful to those who volunteer their time and experience.”

As part of how Kay documents the impact of the Mentoring for Researchers programme, she asks the outgoing mentees to tell her if they think their mentor helped them make a ‘significant transition in knowledge, work, or thinking’. She then shares case studies via the programme’s web page.

Of the 42 partnerships that were established in the most recent period there was significant praise for Simon Jones and Anthony Meijer from Chemistry as well as Stuart Casson from Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, but the web page also highlights successful mentoring relationships from previous periods of the programme.

Kay was keen to highlight the fact that, “Mentoring expertise impacts wider than the formal programme and mentors often report that through engagement as a mentor, they develop their capacity as a supervisor, manager, and in teaching too.”

If you’d like to find out more about the Mentoring for Researchers programme, please visit the mentoring website at sheffield.ac.uk/ris/ecr/mentoring