Get involved! Call to all own growers to measure their harvest.

From window boxes and growbags to greenhouses and allotments, scientists in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences (APS) need your help to measure the amount of own-grown fruit and vegetables across the UK in the first national estimate of the 21st century.

MYHarvestThe MYHarvest survey, which will be the first since the famous Dig for Victory campaign during the Second World War, will assess the important contribution green-fingered fruit and vegetable growers make to national food security and also reveal how much allotment and garden space we need in the future for the growing number of people living in our cities and towns.

Anyone who grows their own produce is invited to take part in the innovative citizen science project led by Jill Edmondson at the University of Sheffield.

We currently have a poor understanding of how much own-grown food is produced so the research is key to providing an evidence base to support the use of land for growing spaces within our towns and cities.

Jill, a soil scientist and ecologist from APS, hopes the project will provide key insights into the ability of urban areas to contribute to UK food security.

“With over 80 per cent of the UK population living in cities or towns that are currently dependent on imported fruit and vegetables, it is important to understand how we can make our cities and towns more sustainable,” said Dr Edmondson.

toms“In this way, allotment holders and gardeners are helping us determine the extent to which own-grown food contributes to UK food security and sustainability. Urban greenspaces, for example, parks, allotments, gardens, wasteland, provide a multitude of options for areas where food crops can be grown.

“Anyone who grows their own fruit or veg, even if it’s only a small patch for carrots, can join in and simply log information on the MYHarvest website about what they are growing, where, and how much they have produced.”


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