Immunohistochemistry course a huge success

DSC_3413The first of the University of Sheffield’s new series of Theory & Practise courses took place last month.

Theory & Practise: Beginners Immunohistochemistry was directed by Natalie Kennerley from Psychology and Lynne Baxter from the Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience (SITraN).

Together they designed the course and securing Vector Labs UK, a leading UK manufacturer of immunohistochemical reagents, as an industry partner.

Over the course of two days, attendees gained an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of how immunohistochemistry is used across science and medicine to identify molecular markers in a healthy brain as well as in dysfunctional or diseased brain tissue (eg, in the case of Alzheimer’s disease).


They learned that immunohistochemistry can also be used to “map” pathways within the central nervous system to give a wider understanding of cellular function. Immunohistochemistry is a fundamental tool for advancing scientific knowledge and gaining a better understanding of disease processes.

Delegates were given access to the state of the art immunohistochemistry laboratories in SITraN to get hands-on experience. After-course support is offered to the delegates through the Theory & Practise web forum, which allows delegates to network as well as generate discussions around their own work areas.

The course attracted attendees from around the UK including Porton Down Government Laboratories, The University of Leeds and Hemmel Hempstead West Hertfordshire NHS Trust. Feedback was extremely positive.


One of the course attendees said: “This course offers a basic introduction to immunohistochemistry, encompassing theoretical background information, as well as practical application. As a beginner to immunohistochemistry I found this course incredibly helpful.

“The structure was logical and easy to follow, beginning with covering the theory in a seminar style, and ending with the chance to conduct the staining process yourself with close assistance.

“The instructors were very knowledgeable, clear, and approachable. After completing this course I now feel much more confident to carry out these techniques in my own work.”


Natalie have Lynne are delighted with the response to Theory & Practise so far and have already taken bookings for future courses on intermediate and advance immunohistochemistry which will take place next Spring.

Anyone who would like further information on the forthcoming courses, or wants to book a place or help expand the ‘Theory and Practise’ brand can contact Natalie ( or Lynne (