Mentoring scheme for professional staff is launched for 2015

sunflowerA mentoring scheme for professional services staff in the Faculty of Science has launched its programme for the coming year.

The GROW Programme runs for six months each year. Beginning in February, it is aimed at helping staff in the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Health, and Science to enhance their skills, maximise their potential, expand their networks and consider their career paths by working with others in the University.

Staff at all grades and levels of experience, including previous participants, are invited to participate. The programme for 2015 was launched at an event today.

Full details are available on the GROW webpages, including information about induction and skills sessions that staff must attend before applying to join the scheme.

Below, Stephanie Sharples from the Physics and Astronomy, and Mathematics and Statistics, writes about her experiences as a mentee and mentor in the GROW Programme:

“In 2013 I participated in the GROW mentoring programme as a mentee. This involved attending an event to introduce me to the programme and methods that could be used during meetings. Having this guidance and the programme coordinators available to advice gave me the boost to submit an application form. At the end of the process there was a workshop to share experiences. Over the space of six months, an introductory meeting and three full meetings were held with the matched mentor. Each meeting involved a discussion in more depth of my objectives.

“The experience helped me achieve my objectives but I also developed links outside of the department with representatives from my Faculty and across the University. I have a greater understanding of others’ roles in the University. The experience gave me time to consider my development and I felt invigorated me to be more proactive in my development.

“In 2014 I acted as a mentor in the scheme and discussed with my mentee options on how to react to a situation and ways of communicating with people to get results. I found that from doing the programme I have more confidence in sharing knowledge and happy that I was able to help a colleague.”

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