Ride Across Britain guest post: George Rees


George Rees,┬áBusiness Development Director for the Faculty of Engineering and Team SUFFER member says a few thank you’s on behalf of the cyclists.

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george rees“In addition to the initiative of the University, the excellence of the event organisers and the generosity of our sponsors the epic ride would not be possible without the support of many unsung heroes behind the scenes.

“The sight of Debbie and Mark Beaumont-Thomas waving and holding out flapjack and refreshments on Day 1 was a very timely encouragement just as our legs began to ache from the Cornish hills.

“Ron Adams tireless work to capture the event on camera and upload the results during the small hours over creaky Internet connections kept all our followers informed of progress.

“Three more top guys who went the extra mile (if that’s possible!) at both Land’s End then again at John O’Groats were Russell, Harry and Karl from Sheffield City Council transport team who delivered all riders, bikes and gear in good shape at the right place in the right time.

“To these and the many others who supported us, all the riders offer our warm thanks.”

Harry , Karl and Russell from Sheffield City Council

Harry , Karl and Russell from Sheffield City Council

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Deloitte Ride Across Britain 2014: Team SUFFER

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