Students to take ground-breaking Faculty Challenge in September

23918Undergraduates starting courses in Faculty of Science departments in September will be amongst the first at the University to learn in a ground-breaking new way.

The new Faculty Challenge is being launched across the University in the new academic year. It is designed to give students new skills and improve their employability, and will be presented under the title ‘Achieve More’.

Over six weeks in semester one, every first year undergraduate will work in a group with students from different departments in the Faculty of Science.

Together, they will use their knowledge of their own fields to come up with a solution to a real world problem, under the banner of ‘Breaking Boundaries’.

As well as giving students early experience of interdisciplinary working, it will help them to develop skills in some of the areas that are most important to employers: communication, presentation, teamwork and research.

Although students will not gain any credits towards their degree by taking part in the Faculty Challenge, it is still a core module that they must all complete.

They will get to choose what topic or problem they work on, and they will attend special lectures from inspirational speakers, receive skills training and have access to support sessions. The Faculty Challenge will end with a ‘jamboree’ showcase of all students’ work.

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